Active Components

Acanthopanax Senticosus (Eleuthero) Root extract- stimulates cell reproduction, smoothes the skin and makes it elastic, stops the wrinkle formation.
Allantoin- provides anti inflammation and soothing effects, stimulates the renewal of the epidermis cells, moisturizes the skin. Cures skin roughness and small cracks, reduces skin peeling, makes the skin smooth and elastic, empowers its ability to regenerate.
Aloe Barbadenis- aloe extract. Its main components are polisugars, flavonoids, organic acids, vitamins. It is a powerful biogenic stimulator, which causes the skin an anti inflammation, antibacterial and moisturizing effect. Aloe extract stimulates blood circulation, reduces inflammations, moisturizes the skin on the cells level.
Alteromonas Ferment Extract- is produced by biotechnical processing of sea weed, which grows on the depthof more than 3000 meters. It is rich with minerals, fibers, organic and non-organic components, irreplaceable amino acids. Possesses a  very strong ability to reduce inflammations and to sooth irritations. Builds a powerful protection for the skin against chemical, mechanical or UF-aggression.
Arnica Extract- rich with organic acids, vitamins, resinous substances, helps in curing the currant inflammations and prevents the appearance of the new ones. Possesses anti sclerotic action, improves the microcirculation of blood.
Ascorbic Acid (Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate), Ascorbyl Magnesium Phosphate- ascorbic acid and its stable form. Stimulates the synthesis of collagen, participates in the processes of pigment formation, normalizes the penetrating ability of the capillary, prevents the blood clots formation, and participates in hormones synthesis. Vitamin C provides an antioxidant protection, prevents early aging. Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant, helps the dissolving of the melanin, which forms pigment spots, assists the processes if regeneration, strengthens the capillary vessels.  It soothes and softens the skin, neutralizes free radicals. Best for the bleaching and anti aging procedures, effective in cuperosis treatment.
Azulen-is a powerful multifunctional remedy. Azulen causes anti inflammation, anti allergic and deodorant effects, accelerates the regeneration processes and is a great moisturizer.
Bearberry Extract- anti allergic and anti inflammation care. Encourages the reduction of pigmentation and bleaches the skin.
Bergamot Oil- reduces  inflammations, normalizes the secretions of the sebaceous glands with oily or mixed skin, bleaches the skin and constricts the pores.
Bilberry Extract- normalizes the local blood circulation, strengthens the blood vessels, assists in eliminating the bags under the eyes.
Bisabolol- substance taken from the oil of chamomile. It provides an anti inflammation and soothing effects, stimulates the epidermis cells renewal, softens and moisturizes the skin; bioactive chamomile extract is a part of many ether oils and is famous by its medicinal properties. Possesses antibacterial and anti fungal actions, soothes irritated skin and assists in curing small wounds.
Black Current Extract- causes toning effect, stimulates blood circulation, regulates oil and water balance, rich with vitamins A, B, C, P.
Borage Oil- it benefits due to gamma-linolenic (25%) and linoleic (38%) acids, and of trance-retene acid, and vitamins A, E, F. Increase the resistance of epidermal limit, improves skin capacity to keep the moisture, highs skin compliance and its defensive property. possesses unique regenerating property.
Boric Acid- non irritating antiseptic remedy.
Brown Sea Weed Extract- is rich with microelements, vitamins A, E, F, the B group, salts, and organic iodine. Possesses regenerating, moisturizing, antioxidant, anti inflaming and healing actions, activates the microcirculation of blood in the upper layers of the epidermis. The important role in the process of stretch marks prevention plays the ability of the brown sea weed extract to stimulate regenerative processes, granulation of fabrics, revitalization and healing of micro cracks, normalization of the vessels penetrative ability.
Caffeine- taken from the green coffee extract, activates oil and water exchange, stimulates micro drainage, and protects the cells from photo irradiation.
Calamin- a small-crystal powder of the mineral origin. It is Zink oxide with a little amount of iron oxide, which gives it a pink color. It is used in creams of the protective and constricting action, in lotions, in hygienic powder.
Calendula Oil- possesses bactericidal and anti-inflammation features. It has anti microbial influence and encourages the decrease of allergic reactions.
Camellia Extract- extract of Chinese tea. Contains a lot of tannins, caffeine alkaloid, flavonoids, cevitamic acid, B1 and B2 groups vitamins, vitamin K. Tea extract in the course of external use increases the resistance of blood capillaries, stimulates assimilation of cevitamic acid (vitamin C), stimulates anti-oxidative activity and acts as antibacterial agent.
Camphor- possesses antiseptic, pain-reducing, hyperemic, and light bleaching actions.
Caprylic Triglyceride- the main component of the skin fat of a human. Possesses wonderful softening and moisturizing properties.
Carnosine- natural dipetpide, consisting of two amino acids. It is a universal physiological antioxidant. Carnosine is able to resist an oxidantal damage of the cells membranes, it performs the function of the main fabric antioxidant. Carnosine protects the fibers, lipids, and nucleonic acids from the oxidation damage, stops the glication process. In cases, the natural mechanisms of antioxidant protection are damaged, carnosine takes the functions of natural protector.
Carrot Oil- contains vitamins C, B1, B2, B6, B12, D, E, H, K, P, PP, carotene. Besides that, it is rich with minerals and microelements: calcium, iron, phosphorus, iodine, magnesium, manganese. It also contains ether oils, bioactive substances, ferments and other connections, which are irreplaceable for the body.
Caviar Extract- contains a big amount of fibers- 30%, calcium, iron, phosphorus, sodium, vitamins A, D, E, F, oily acids Omega-3.
Cetearyl Olivate- derivation of the olive oil. It is a natural emulsion basis, which provides the structure durability of the cream and a good penetration through the skin. Reduces the risk of  damage if the skin's lipid barrier.
Chitosan- Derivation of the natural polisugar chitin. Is a natural gel constructor and active moisturizing adding (chitosan layer sometimes called "artificial skin"). It is absolutely bio compatible with human skin and a good nourishing environment for the own skin cells. Chitosan activates the healing of the traumatized surface of the skin, stimulates the growth of collagen fibers. It is a powerful antiseptic. Active against bacteria which causes acne.
Cinnamonium Zeylanicum Bark Extract- empowers blood supply, possesses a powerful antiseptic and soothing action.
Citric Acid- causes light antiseptic, constricting, neutralizing, soothing, depigmenting actions, possesses an ability to reduce the secretion excess of the skin.
Citronella Oil- taste amplifier, essence.
Citrus Grandis (Grapefruit) Water- is rich with vitamins A and C. It prevents the age changes of the skin by blocking the free radicals.
Collagen- gives the skin density and elasticity. Necessary for the restoration of metabolic processes in the skin: regeneration, cells exchange. Possesses restoration functions and stimulating properties, rejuvenates and strengthen the skin. Intended for the skin with visual signs of aging.
Collodial Sulphur- soothes the skin and normalizes the function of sebaceous glands.
Cornflower Extract- possesses anti inflammation and disinfecting properties. Tones the skin. Causes a positive effect on the skin around eyes, reduces stagnations and irritations.
Cucumber Extract- contains polisugars, poliphenols, glycosides, vitamins and amino acids. Polisugars possess an ability to chain the water. They maintain the level of skin moisture, sooth the irritated skin. Antioxidant properties of the cucumber are guarantied by the organic acids in its structure.
Dextran, Xanthan Gum- natural polisugars provide the structural integrity of the cream, while being a totally biocompatible components.
Diacetyl Boldine- very effective bleaching complex.
D-Pantenol- is a more stable form of vitamin B- pantotenic acid. D-Pantenol causes a healing and anti inflammation action, assists the quick restoration of the cells and rehabilitation of the fabrics. Eliminates damage in the keratin fiber structure, which constructs the outer layer of the skin, stimulates the metabolism, very important in the process of regeneration. Remedies with D-Pantenol are especially important for the tired skin with tendency to irritations.
Echinacea Extracts- empowers skin's protective properties.
Elastin- the basis of the conjunction fabric fibers, restores the elasticity of the skin, slows down the process of wrinkle formation. Intended for the skin with visible signs of aging.
Ethoxydiglycol- chemical enhancer- substance which assists the penetration of bioactive components through the outer layer of the skin.
Eucalyptus Extract- possesses extra antiseptic, anti inflammatory, deodorizing and healing properties.
Evening Primrose Oil- possesses excellent emollient and wound- healing properties, especially for problem skin (extra dry skin, peeling, consequences of psoriasis etc.)
Fagus Extract- european beech extract. Contains a lot of protein (plant hormone), important mineral salts. Amino acids, containing the extract, structurally conform to human proteins. Beech extract stimulates oxygen nutrition, intensifies skin regeneration processes, restores skin elasticity, and prevents against wrinkles.
GAG- natural polisugars, the main component of the conjunction fabric. Together with the fibers of collagen and elastin they form a conjunction matrix. The main function of GAG is in maintaining a large amount of water and in filling the space between the cells. One of the GAG is hyalurone acid.
Geranium Oil- possesses anti inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, tonic properties. Geranium oil is very effective to heal wounds, burns, improves skin total well-being, and helps in eczema, dermatitis treating.
Gingko Biloba- natural antioxidant, destroys free radicals (forming under the influence of the harmful sun rays and causing aging of the skin). Activates skin metabolism.
Glycolic Acid- relating to the group of alpha-hydro acids (AHA) encouraging moisturizing and bleaching of the skin.
Glystine- a stable water solution of the synthetic dipetpide, which takes an important part in the neurochemical mechanism of transferring signals to the skin.  Glistin protects the nerve cells from the distruction, caused by UF oxidation. Glistin also intensifies the process of new cells formation, diminishes the loss of the moisture, increases elasticity, reduces peeling and wrinkles, eliminates redness, irritations and itching.
Grape Seed Oil- famous by the largest concentration of linolic acid (up to 76%), which controlles the skin's humidity and its ability to regenerate. In the grape seed oil there's a large amount of vitamin E. The oil provides the dissolving of the dead cells,  improves tonus and skin's structure, which becomes much softer and smoother, regulates the normal function of sebaceous glands, prevents widening of the pores. The grape seed oil causes a strong anti inflammation and regenerative effects, assists in rejuvenating, increasing skin's elasticity, eliminates wrinkles, maintains the oil and water balance in the skin, has a strong antioxidant property.
Green Coffee Extract-  effects on the skin as totally revitalizing agent: activates metabolism processes, particularly fat and water metabolism, softens and increases the resistance of epidermis.
Green Tea Extract- contains tannins, caffeine, and vitamins. Stimulates and increases the resistance of skin.
Hamamelis Extract- its main pharmacological and cosmetic properties exhibits in astringent, tonic, and bactericidal activity. Causes vasospasm and reduces dermatorrhea.
Hazelnut Oil- emolliates, softens, possesses good nutritive property, and contains vitamin E, which is known of its excellent anti-free radical protection.
Hop Extract- possesses a strong bactericide and fungicide actions, anti inflammation and pain reducing properties. Effects positively the regulation of the oil, mineral and water exchange. Works actively on the regeneration processes of the epidermise.
Horse Chestnut Extract- its biological activity is firstly connected with esculin, which can increase the resistance of capillaries and blood vessels and stimulate metabolism processes in skin cellules. Helps on hematolysis and clots resolution.
Horsetail Extract- helps to accelerate cellules regeneration, to stimulate oxygen and fat metabolism, to tighten pores, and small wounds healing.
Hyaluronic Acid- the biotechnological product. One of the strongest moisturizing factors. Encourages keeping the water in the skin. The biological functions of Hyaluronic acid are also in regenerative, anti viral, bactericide, and healing activity. It suits all the procedures, and all the types of skin.
Hydrolized Wheat Proteine- the main properties of hydrolyzed proteins: their level of penetration to the skin, the ability to form a layer, ability to keep the moisture, to make skin smooth and radiant, are dependable on their molecular weight. Thus, proteins with a big molecular weight possess better ability of a layer formation, and with a small- better moisturizing abilities.
Hydrolyzed Soy Proteine-  the source of natural phytohormones. Prevents the processes of the early aging, stimulates the cellular metabolism, builds up the protection and the moisture of the skin, and possesses a regenerative effect.
Hydroxyprolisilan- biotechnical derivation of the organic silicone and hydroproxiline. Hydroproxiline is the most important component of collagen, consists about 30% of its amount.
Hydroxyprolin- the derivation of proline amino acid. Hydroxyprolin stimulates the fibroblasts- the cells of the connection material, which synthesize the inter cellar  matrix, Which consists of the fibers of elastin and collagen.
Hippophae Rhamnoides Fruit Oil- stimulates reparation processes in the skin and mucous membranes, fastens the revitalization, possesses anti inflammation, healing and antioxidant effects. Thanks to the antioxidants, hippophae extract protects the cellular membranes from damage. Also, it causes nourishing action, softens the skin, makes it more elastic.
Hyssopus Oil- assists in healing small wounds, ulcers, assists in eliminating warts, moles, callosities, causes healing effect at the problems of hormonal type (eczemas, dermatitis, and str.)
Jojoba Oil- nourishes, soothes, revives the skin. Eliminates irritations, redness, stagnations, burning.
Juniper Oil - is very effective as skin diseases treatment (oily skin, acne, blackheads), excretes toxins, splits fibrous protein substance, and forces lymph drainage.
Kaolin- revives thin, tired skin, eliminates the black-heads formations.
Kiwi Extract- is very rich with vitamins, especially A, B, C, mineral acids.
Kojic Acid- the product of mushrooms' metabolism, it is used very widely as a bleaching remedy.
Lactic Acid- possesses  a bleaching, moisturizing, exfoliating, and anti inflammation effects, and recommended in case of tired skin with shortness of moisture, in case of photo aging, cuprous. Besides that, lactic peeling could be recommended with sensitive, allergic skin.
Lavender Oil- is used in case of skin diseases (psoriasis, eczema, seborrhea,  black-heads, fungi), it reduces pain, heals wounds and burns. 
Lemon Extract- soothes and refreshes the face skin, eliminates freckles and pigmentation spots.
Licorice Extract- causes smoothening and anti inflammation action, cleans and bleaches the skin, activates water-salt exchange.
Lillium Candidum Flower Extract- contains flavonoids, keratinoids, organic acids. Assists in bleaching the pigmentation, improves microcirculation in capillary, and fastens the regeneration processes in the skin.
Magnesium Assparat- the source of magnesium ions, assists in their penetration to the inner-cellar space and including in the metabolism processes. Helps the skin to resist the outer aggression, moisturizes the skin effectively, reduces the sensation of discomfort and stress.
Mandelic Acid- possesses strong bactericide and antiseptic actions, loosens the dead cells layer of the skin.
Matrixyl 3000- artificially synthesized peptides activate the reparation of the skin damages, caused by aging. It is a bioactive component against wrinkles.
Matricaria Extract- has disinfecting, anti-allergic and inflammation effect. Helps skin regeneration.
Medica Limonum Oil- the mixture of ether oils of the citrus group: grapefruit, lime, lemon and mandarine. It is rich with vitamin C, possesses an antiseptic, stimulating (the lymph system), and toning actions. Reduces stagnations, helps with the varicose.
Methylsilanol Hydroxyproline- it is a derivation of organic silicon and hydroxyprolin, biomechanically synthesized. Organic silicon (silanol) is a component of the skins connecting fabric, which participates in organizing the inter-cellar matrix.
Methylsylanol Mannuronate- it is a connection of organic silicon and mannurone acid, which is taken from brown seaweed Laminaria. Mannurone acid is a component of the alga acids of the brown seaweed. It forms the polisugars of the seaweed.
Morus Alba Extract- it penetrates deep into the skin, nourishes it, weakens the pigmentation, fastens the growth of the new cells, maintains the water-fat balance, regulates the amount of the nourishing substances in the cells.
Niachinamid- active derivation of vitamin B3 acts directly on the reasons for acne formations.
Octadecendioc Acid- it is an acid, which has the same action as the Azelaic Acid. Possesses bleaching and antiseptic actions.
Oleyl Erucate- derivation of the Olive Oil. It consist the natural smoothing basis of cream, provides its structural durability and perfect penetration through the skin. The natural emulators reduce the risk of lipid barrier damage.
Olibanum- acts as an excellent anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, astringent, and healing agent. It is used to defense and to repair aging skin, and also to energize normal skin during cells growth retardation.
Olive Leaf Extract- causes an anti inflammation, toning, and anti oxidant actions.
Olive Oil- has a unique fat-acid structure, which is similar to the physiological structure of the skin fat and the outer layer of the epidermis. The lipid structure of olive oil is capable to integrate into the skin, assisting the rebuilding of the lipid balance, which is necessary for the barrier function. The base fat acids of the olive oil transport different active ingredients into the deep layers of the skin. The oil possesses an antioxidant action, prevents the oxidation of the lipids, protects the skin from UV and roentgen irradiations, it prevents tumors.
Olive Seed Powder- it softly exfoliates the dead cells and dirt.
Organic Silicone- acts actively in organizing the inter-cellar matrix, rebuilds the connection fabrics, has an anti inflammation and soothing effects, prevents stagnations.
Origanum Majorana Oil/Extract- possesses strong antiseptic property, prevents vessel spasms, eliminates the stagnations, soothes and renews roughed areas of the skin, terminates moles and callosities.
Padina Pavonika Extract- extract of padina pavonica brown algae, the most active substance is polyose of alginic acid. This extract helps to natural elaboration of skin collagen which is responsible for skin elasticity and tonus.
Palmitoyl Tetrapeptide-8- the derivation of amino acids. It plays very important physiological role in the body, stimulates the production of GAG, including hyalurone acid. Possesses a strong ability to chain and keep the molecules of water. Stimulates the production of collagen, effectively assists in smoothing small wrinkles.
Passiflora Extract- consists bioflavonoids, especially a big amount of flavonoid vitexin, which possesses an antioxidant action, smoothing and soothing effects.
Patchouli Oil- it is recommended in case of eczema, dermatitis, cures the infections of the skin, also the fungal ones. Possesses an anti inflammation property, assists in fastening the renewal of the epidermis cells.
Pearl Powder- it is produces from the real pearls. It assists in evening the skin tone, its renewal on the cellar level, gives the skin elasticity, eliminates shining.
Petroselinum Extract- contains vitamin C, polyoses, and fat acids. Active ingredients of the extract stimulate the skin tonus, regulate water-salt metabolism, and whiten the skin.
Pfaffia Paniculata Extract- contains amino acids, vitamins, minerals, alkaloids. Stimulates the growth and the renewal of the body cells, possesses lipolitic activity, and prevents the cell damage from the UF radiation.
Phytic Acid- not alpha or beta acid. It possesses not only soft peeling action, but also antioxidant and anti inflammation properties.
Polygonum Aviculare Extract- contains carotene, vitamin C, vitamin K, and others. Causes an anti inflammation effect.
Pomegranate Extract- it is a rich source of antioxidants, contains a big amount of vitamin C, lemon acid, mineral salts. It is a perfect moisturizing, anti inflammation, and antiseptic remedy.
Porphyridum Cruentum- it possesses moisturizing, soothing, and nourishing actions. The acid barrier protects the skin from dehydration.
Potassium Assparat- the source of potassium ions, assists in their penetration into the inner cellar space and including in metabolic processes. It assists the skin in resisting the outer aggression, moisturizes skin effectively, reduces the sensation of discomfort and stress.
Retynil Palmitate- vitamin A. Effectively stimulates the process of the cells regeneration, reduces the oil excess and inflammations, and improves the overall condition of the skin. Reduces the dryness of the skin, increases its elasticity. Raises the action of vitamin C. It is recommended for the treatments of oily skin with the case of acne, could be combined with the acid peeling on a basis of AHA acids, also effective in antiaging  procedures.
Rhodiola Rosea Extract- contains flavonoids, glicosides, organic acids and microelements. Assists in normalizing the exchange processes, prevents the metabolic signs of stress.
Rose Extract- contains organic acids, vitamins C, B2, K, P, carotene, flavonids, possesses soothing, strengthening and toning actions, and diminishes the permeability and the fragility of the blood vessels, increases regeneration processes.
Rose Hip Oil- possesses an anti inflammation, assists in healing small wounds and cracks, normalizes carbohydrates exchange, and activates the metabolic processes in the skin.
Rosemary Extract-it is a source of the natural antioxidants. It has an antiseptic, deodorant, bactericide, and stimulating actions. It contains a large amount of camphor.
Ruscus Extract - acts in favor of cellules metabolism and excretes of the muscular tissue, helps on the blood circulation and water-salt metabolism, prevents against inflammatory processes.
Rutin- it strengthens the capillary walls, regulates their permeability, strengthens the effect of ascorbic acid.
Sage Extract- is known for its anti microbial and anti inflammation features. Soothes and relaxes the skin.
Salicilic Acid- it is a wonderful antiseptic, which cleans the skin from the infections, and eliminates the inflammation reactions.
Salix Alba Extract- contains a high concentration of salicylic acid, and it is a strong antiseptic and anti inflammation remedy.
Saponaria Extract- has disinfecting and relaxing influence. It is a natural foaming element. Regulate the fat's balance.
Sea-Weed Extract- is iodine-rich, stimulates local blood circulation, and initiates excreting.
Shea Butter- has strong antioxidant and regenerating features. Besides it complies the features of UV-filter.
Sodium Hyaluronate- it is one of the GAGs, which is a component of the connecting, epitalialing, and nerve fabrics. It is one of the main components of the inter-cellar matrix. It is found in many biological liquids.
Sorbitan Olivate- the derivation of the olive oil, natural emulgator. It constructs the natural soothing basis of the cream, provides its structural durability and perfect penetration through the skin. The natural emulators reduce the risk of lipid barrier damage.
Squalane- due to its natural relationship with the skin, it penetrates to the epidermis, without leaving the sensation of oiliness, gives the skin the feeling of smoothness, and silkiness. Squalane is the main hydrocarbon of skin's surface lipids, and constructs 15% of grown man's skin sebum. It possesses the soothing and bactericide actions, rebuilds the structure of epidermal lipids. It penetrates easily through the epidermis, and serves as a deliverer of bioactive substances to the deep layers of the skin.
Strawberry Extract- contains vitamins A, C, D, B6, K, apple, lemon, salicylic acids, tannins, cellulose, and str. It is used for eliminating wrinkles, moisturizing and soothing the skin, cleansing, and light bleaching.
Sweet Almond Oil- soothes and relaxes the skin. Easily penetrates into the skin.
Sylandiol Salicylic-the derivation of the organic silicone and salicylic acid. It provides the protection for the skin lipids from photo oxidation, and it is a powerful protection from the effect of the free radicals.
Tea Tree Oil- is a unique natural antiseptic of strong antifungal and bactericide action. Tea tree oil is a natural preservative, stimulates human immune system.
Thyme Oil- it is a strong disinfecting remedy, possesses antiseptic, anti microbe, bactericide and healing actions.
Tocopheryl Acetate- vitamin E. One of the most highly active antioxidants which protects cell membranes' lipids against damage. Keeps skin appearance healthy, preserves skin of aging processes, and participates in cell metabolism.
Tomato Extract- tomato contains a lot of priceless substances: the whole set of amino acids, alpha-linolic acid, alpha-tocopherol, aluminum, beta-carotene, calcium, copper, iron, phosphorus, phytosterols, potassium, sodium, stearic acid, sulphur, vitamin C, vitamin E, zink. It possesses an anti inflammation action, normalizes the function of sebaceous glands, reduces the comedown formations, assists in cleansing and constricting the pores. The vitamins, which are contained in the tomato possess unique rejuvenating properties, because they are active anti oxidants, which prevent the oxidation and aging of the skin cells.
Triclosan- highly effective bactericide component.
Urea-  carbomid encouraging penetration of the nourishing components into the skin, moisturizes the skin.
Vanilla Oil- used for a fragrance.
Wheat Germ Extract- the ferments of wheat germs are irreplaceable for the natural processes of substances exchange- acquiring of the active substances, influence of the vitamins, oxidation processes. It compensates the lack of active substances, increase the oxygen receipt, gives power and energy, improves the overall condition. The wheat germs extract stimulates microcirculation, effects positively the "dry skin syndrome", activates the processes of renewal in the skin, slows down the aging of the skin by stimulating ferment reactions, improving cellar and fabrics breathing, and maintains the water balance in the skin.
White Lily Extract- it is famous by its healing properties with abscesses, skin diseases and damage. It contains flavonoids, caratinoids, and organic acids. It assists in bleaching the pigmentation, improves microcirculation in the capillary, fastens the renewal processes in the skin.
Zink Oxide- possesses absorbing, pore constricting action, hides the defects of the skin, protects it from the sun rays. It has an anti inflammation and anti microbe properties. It is a great protection from the UF-rays.
Zizyphus Extract- contains vitamins A, B, C, amino acids, fibers, micro elements, fats, and organic acids. It causes soothing, smoothing, and anti inflammation effect.